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Expressing the Beauty of Earth,
Humanity and craftsmanship
through Visual Storytelling

Travel & Discovery


A journey round the world where images try to capture the mystic aspect of casual situations.
My primary aim was to focus on the different aspects of spirituality, but evolved to highlight the beauty of everyday life situations, using the variations of light to bring forward the emotions I felt when coming across the people I met along the way.

Wine Explorers


How much do we really know about the production of this ancestral beverage that is wine? How many countries actually have the knowledge of this craft?
The Wine Explorers project tried to answer to these questions by exploring the globe and discovering the new boundaries of the winemaking world.



Seen from underneath, the time we spend in the water has a very unique and special quality, as the sound, movements and quality of the light are so different than what we experience in our daily lives. Origin is an attempt to meditate on this particular moment, when bodies are not subject to gravity, and are suspended in this primordial element.