Photography and travel are the two things that fuel my life and feed on each other. Travel is what brings me away from my culture, my upbringing and habits, and helps me get close to what was once foreign to me. Photography enables me to integrate these differences, position myself physically and mentally, and reveal what is happening before my eyes in a way that says as much about the situation as it says about myself.


After a career as a teacher in graphic design, I decided to give myself entirely to the practice of photography, which took more and more of my time and attention. I cannot get enough of the thrill of discovering a new place, new situations, and feeling my mind wandering through the scene, already capturing the light and events occuring in this unknown environment.

This excitment is always balanced by a patient and respectful approach of the subject, taking the time to find the right gesture, the right tone, because in this work as in life, relationship is key and determine for the most part the quality of the outcome.

Photography is a tool that teaches you how to look and the more I immerse myself in a context, the more I find beauty in it. I am drawn to subject that involve people and their culture, their rites and beliefs, and projects which show a generous and humanistic way of living.